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Who Wrote the Book


Feature Film

Genre:  Romantic Comedy (Rated PG)


LOGLINE: After being stranded at the altar, a jilted premarital consultant goes undercover and sets out for revenge when she's hired by her Ex’s new fiancée, only to be unmasked and exposed to true love when she falls for his best friend.

SYNOPSIS: Growing up on movie sets while her mom worked as a stand-in to major A-list celebrities, little Sandra filled her mind with a Hollywood version of true love - only to have her fairytale dream shattered years later when her groom leaves her at the altar.  Bent on debunking the notion of love, Sandra starts a tech-savvy consulting company where she can camouflage her face and stand in as the blushing bride-to-be, to expose the potential husband’s faults and incapacities, until Sandra herself gets unmasked and exposed to true love. 

COMPARABLES: ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ with a flair of ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’


Blue Jacket

Feature Film

Genre:  Drama (Rated PG-13)

LOGLINE: A single choice triggers a group of teens to split off into alternate versions of themselves, until all culminate at a house party where one of them may not survive the night.



Blue Jacket drops you into a single day in the life of two students. With each choice, different color jacketed versions of Aaron and Zoe split off, and we follow as the alternate paths criss-cross and impact the lives of those around them.

Ultimately all paths converge at a house party and the alternate versions of Aaron and Zoe find themselves on completely different sides of an irreversible life or death situation.

A single day…forever changing their future.

Blue Jacket explores the consequences of choices, the guilt and regret, and how the ripple of impact plays out in the lives of those around us.

Blue Jacket explores the gritty issues facing today’s youth, including underage drinking, cyber-bullying, promiscuity, date rape and suicide, seeking to urgently convey a message of value, redemption and grace!

COMPARABLES: ‘Before I Fall’ meets ‘Sliding Doors’

Blue Jacket Movie, Inc. recently completed a Reg-CF Equity Crowdfunding offering through StartEngine.  Click here to access our Investor Relations Page

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Genre:  1/2 HR Sitcom

LOGLINE:    A disillusioned, middle-aged mom takes a part-time lunch monitor job at the local elementary school in order to help her husband pay the bills. 


SYNOPSIS: When a menopausal stay-at-home mom, starts to lose her faith and sense of identity, looking back on her life of failed dreams of Hollywood and missed opportunities, she decides to take a part-time job as a lunch monitor at the local elementary school to help her husband pay the bills. Coming face-to-face with some of the evilest little brats and some of the sweetest little angels, forging an unexpected bond with the other down-on-life Gen-X reject school monitors, Deanna begins to realize a master plan and her role of a lifetime.

COMPARABLES:  'Everybody Loves Raymond’ meets 'Abbott Elementary'

stupid girl

Feature Film & Television Episodic

Genre:  Female Centered Drama, Period Piece


LOGLINE: A teenaged Antoinette dreams of escaping her poor Bronx neighborhood in the 1950s, mirroring here immigrant mother's past growing up in the Italy in the 1920s. With the odds stack against them, they struggle to break free from the social, gender and economic cards they've been dealt.


SYNOPSIS: Dual timeline 1900's Isola di Ponza and 1950's Bronx New York. Two teenage girls fighting the stereotype of social status and circumstances that surround them being born the wrong gender and into a life of poverty and intolerance.  Civitella, growing up on the little island of Ponza  during a time when women were only  considered nothing more than a "Stupid Girl" and expected to bare children and know their place, is faced with the murder of her only supporter, her father, and forced to marrying into the family of the man who killed him. Fast forward twenty-five years later to her American daughter Antoinette, who is growing up in the tenements of the Bronx to immigrant parents facing being held down by the powers that be at the high school and the neighborhood black hand.  Both women must fight back and escape into a world of limitless possibilities to steer their own destinies. 

COMPARABLES:  'My Brilliant Friend' and  'A Bronx Tale'

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The Most Perfect Christmas

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Feature Film

Genre:  Comedy, Slapstick

Writers: Maria and Kevin O'Bryan & Angela Neofotistos and Michael Lieberman


LOGLINE: The prefect newlywed couple prepares for their perfect first Christmas in their perfect new home when their not so perfect families crash the festivities.


Newlyweds Michael & Angeliki, fresh off their honeymoon, have planned the picture perfect holiday celebration, intent to share a romantic, relaxing and most importantly, an interruption-free Christmas holiday.  A time to establish new traditions and explore the holiday as a couple in their new dream home.  Meanwhile, in a brooding feud between the extended families, both sets of “in-laws” descend on the quiet house to lay claim to the most important holiday, baring gifts of strife, superstitions, and contradicting beliefs, pushing the lovebirds to the brink of their new commitment. Can Michael and Liki stay unified in the holiday spirit, or will their crazy families tear them apart?

COMPARABLES: 'National Lampoon Christmas Vacation’ & 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'


Feature Film 

Genre:  Political, Drama, Sci-Fi


LOGLINE: A global government controls all thought and speech via processing chips in the brain, until a young father discovers his voice and the transformational power of the spoken word. 


SYNOPSIS: In the not-so-distant future, the world is one-global society, ruled by a handful of the most powerful and elite. Speaking is forbidden and communication occurs telepathically via processing chips in the brain, which can be monitored, sanctioned, and when necessary…a thought can be overwritten. Children grow up not even knowing they have the instrument of voice. The world has grown dark and evil until a young dad attempts to rescue his abducted children and expose the sinister plot of corruption and control.  Caught trying to circumvent the censoring technology, he is imprisoned, labeled as a revolutionary terrorist.  In the depths of despair, an unexpected savior helps him to discover his voice and the transformational power of the spoken word.

COMPARABLES:  "Divergent" meets  "Handmaid's Tale"

Columbus Boys Source Files_POSTCARD copy


Feature Film & Television Episodic

Screenwriter:  Maria O'Bryan, Kevin O'Bryan and David Carraturo

Genre:  Drama, Historical Fiction (Rated R)

Based on the novel "Columbus Avenue Boys" written by David Carraturo


LOGLINE: Three blood brothers,  descendants of a family massacred by Bugsy Siegel, work with the FBI to bring revenge on the mob, only to be entrenched deeper in the volatile life of crime, requiring the assistance of an unlikely hero.


Dual timeline, 1920’s Westchester, New York, an Italian immigrant family, the Scalamarris, begin to amass wealth, only to be squeezed by the mafia, and ultimately slaughtered at the hands of Bugsy Siegel, while in 1990’s Westchester, the great grandsons of the Scalamarris, Chris, Tony and Sal, the Columbus Avenue Boys, find themselves entrenched in organized crime, until coming face-to-face with their family’s horrific past.  Will the Columbus Avenue Boys continue the vicious cycle only to experience the same horrific fate of their forefathers? Or will their grandfather, Vincent “Pops” Scala, the sole surviving male relative from the massacre, who bridges the past with the present, be able to avenge the Scalamarri name, and free his family once and for all from the deathly grip of the mob?

COMPARABLES:  ‘The Godfather II’ & 'Entourage'



1 Hr. Episodic

Genre:Sports, Drama, Sci-Fi

LOGLINE: A small town’s high school champion football team is crippled by demonic forces attempting to steal the faith and hope of the families and players.


SYNOPSIS: Former NFL Heisman Trophy winner and the new high school football coach for the Tempest Tigers is rocked when his team and family are stalked by forces unlike any adversary he’s ever encountered on the field. Coach Nick must follow a higher calling and step into a greater position of authority to overcome the Devil’s playbook.  

COMPARABLES:  'Friday Night Lights' meets 'The Haunting'

Currently distributed as a short film with BMG. Also Pilot for 1 hr episodic.

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Feature Film

Genre:  Dark Comedy


LOGLINE: Three estranged best friends reunite to rescue their lost fourth member, who followed his bi-polar high to the lows of Mexico, are confronted with their own life disorders along the way.


SYNOPSIS: A core of four best friends have grown apart through the years in their life pursuits. Klark, who suffers from bipolar disorder, runs off to Mexico, leaving his elderly parents fearful for his safety.  A wacky string of events unfold when the three estranged friends drop what they’re doing and travel to Mexico in search for their fourth member.  The bipolar Klark ends up being the most stable and normal of the Core Four and decides he wants to return on his own, while the other members struggle with accepting their own inadequacies and misconceptions of who they’ve become and what they’re really seeking. Schuler, nicknamed “the Bull”, refuses to return, deciding to stay in Mexico living ‘la vida loca’, while Fortner the multi-phobic hypochondriac is liberated from his fears - only to 
die suddenly, and Kevin, seemingly the most sensible and successful of the group, barely manages to survive the trip home, with all four friends forever changed from the lessons learned during this crazy adventure.

COMPARABLES:  'The Hangover' meets 'The Big Chill'


Feature Film 

Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama

LOGLINE: A crestfallen policeman is swept up in a time-travel assassination plot, where he must choose between unlimited lives or once-in-a-lifetime love.


Time-travel is possible, but regulated. Time is mapped like a dandelion bloom, a spherical shape of strands branching out from our life choices - tracking alternate realities. The man thought to be the original creator of this revolutionary process has become a target - time purists seek to assassinate him and prevent the invention of time travel. The inventor’s entire lifetime of choices and possible realities is an exposure. Stewards are assigned to isolate and safe-off the inventor’s timelines so that they cannot be accessed and interrupted. One man, Jacob, is assigned to protect the inventor across time, amidst a constantly changing backdrop of possible futures and pasts. Jacob unwittingly falls in love with the inventor’s muse only to discover that she is the true inventor. Jacob gets to witness her epiphany of brilliance during a romantic interlude on a grassy knoll surrounded by dandelions. Jacob must ultimately choose between stopping the assassins and saving time-travel, or following his heart at the sacrifice of second chances.

COMPARABLES: 'Minority Report' meets 'Looper'

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Drummer Boy
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Feature Film

Genre:  Epic, Drama, Period


LOGLINE: After witnessing the brutal murder of his parents, a young Aaron and his brother struggle to survive; but when his musical talents lead them to the immoral, lavish courts of King Herod, Aaron is forced to chose between his faith and all the riches of the world. 


SYNOPSIS: At the heart, Drummer Boy is not a Christmas story…it’s a salvation story. Aaron (14), having learned to play the drum from his father, provides a unique but relatable perspective into the journey of an unbeliever. At first, Aaron is a skeptic to the message of the coming Messiah, having witnessed the murder of his parents. He then receives praise and adoration in the royal courts of King Herod, where he’s tempted by the fleshly riches of the world. He seeks to promote himself to glory at the expense of those he cares for, only to come face-to-face with true evil. Broken to repentance, Aaron seeks forgiveness at the feet of the Messiah, ultimately choosing a life of sacrifice to a much greater plan and purpose. Drummer Boy’s epic adventure across the Judaean countryside to the royal courts of King Herod in Jerusalem, is a fresh new take on the classic song, contextualizing deeper into the events on the fringe of the Christmas story, focusing less on the well-known events of Joseph, Mary and Jesus, and highlights the story of “the greatest man to have ever lived”, as Jesus referred to John the Baptist, and John’s infant origins as the messenger who prepared the way.

Drummer Boy weaves the story of the beloved Christmas carol deeper into the events surrounding the extraordinary birth of John the Baptist and humble birth of the Savior.

COMPARABLES:  'Forrest Gump' meets 'The Nativity'

The Chamber

Feature Film 

Genre: Political Drama, Thriller

LOGLINE: A desperate couple use their bankrupt film company to stage a coup and overtake the US Senate Chamber, while streaming live for the world to see.


SYNOPSIS: Lawmakers on Capitol Hill, the most powerful institution in the free world, enact legislation that is suffocating the middle class. Taxes are crippling, inflation is through the roof and a married couple who owns a small independent film company is on the verge of losing everything they've worked for, putting their young family out on the streets as a result of corrupt politicians who get fatter by the day.  Taking matters into their own hands, they script a coup on the highest office in the land, entrapping the lawmakers in their own web of lies, while airing it all "LIVE" for the world to see.  Once the truth is exposed, and the only wounds are those of pride, the couple will need to use all their movie magic to escape.

COMPARABLES: "White House Down" meets "John Q"

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