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FFE is an Award Winning Production Company for Film, Television and Theatre, dedicated to producing, writing, and directing projects with the skill, artistry and intelligence as to weave gold into fine linen.


Maria Bellantoni O'Bryan, Managing Partner, A born and raised New Yorker, is a multi-award winning writer, producer, director with over twenty-five years experience in film, television and theater.


Kevin O'Bryan, Managing Partner, born and raised in the mid-west, has an extensive background as a Project Executive, overseeing projects in scale of $500MM.

Kevin and Maria have developed a vast slate of content covering a variety of genres and are excited to be making an impact on the culture of media.


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Mission Statement

It is the primary goal and responsibility of FFE to present each project with excellence, honesty and integrity, bringing thought provoking material to the screen and page for more than just entertainment, seeking to produce projects that resonate and impact people's lives, revealing a message of truth behind each story.​


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