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Written by 

Warren Coleman

Kevin O'Bryan

Maria O'Bryan


Created by

Ricky Gargiulo

Maria O'Bryan

Kevin O'Bryan


LOGLINE: When pasta-nerd Ricky’s Little Italy neighbourhood Taste-Off dish is beaten by interloper Lily’s noodles, a freak accident sends him to an all-pasta world, where he must learn that all ronis are valuable.

Based in a world of macaroni people. Ricky Rigatoni and his gang of multi-cultured ronis embark on a quest to defeat the Don (Mayor) of MAChattan who preys on the publics fears of global boiling, suppressing ronis of all walks of life forcing them into the Spaghettinator, transforming them all into a one roni society... unless they can stop him.




It uses the lens of macaroni celebrating muti-culturalism and diverse ethnicities.                                                                                  Potential to be an adult comedy i.e. Southpark


An ANIMATED Feature Film