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The Chamber

Genre: Political Drama / Thriller

Category: Feature Film


LOGLINE: A desperate couple use their bankrupt film company to stage a coup and overtake the US Senate Chamber, while streaming live for the world to see.


SYNOPSIS: Lawmakers on Capitol Hill, the most powerful institution in the free world, enact legislation that is suffocating the middle class. Taxes are crippling, inflation is through the roof and a married couple who owns a small independent film company is on the verge of losing everything they've worked for, putting their young family out on the streets as a result of corrupt politicians who get fatter by the day.  Taking matters into their own hands, they script a coup on the highest office in the land, entrapping the lawmakers in their own web of lies, while airing it all "LIVE" for the world to see.  Once the truth is exposed, and the only wounds are those of pride, the couple will need to use all their movie magic to escape.