first fruits  feature/series





LOGLINE: A teenaged girl dreams of elevating above her poor Bronx neighborhood, mirroring her immigrant mother's early struggle for survival in Italy.


SYNOPSIS: A dual timeline spanning across two generations of Amalfitano women. From the 1920s, off the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the island of Ponza, Italy, where a young Civitella's dreams of going to America are crushed with the murder of her father. Forced to marry into the family of his killer, Civitella must use her cunning and wit to fight for survival amidst the male dominated social fabric. To 25 years later, in 1950s Bronx, New York, where her daughter Antoinette also fights for her dreams of elevating out from the tenements, challenging the societal limitations and racial stigma of immigrant status, enduring her older sister's beatings and avoiding the threat of obliteration at the hands of the Mafia. With the odds stacked against them, their struggles are mirrored as they fight to break free from the social, gender and economic cards they've been dealt in hopes of attaining a life of value and self-worth.


Loosely based on a True Story








Genre: Female-centered Drama

Category: Feature & 1-hr Episodic