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king's heart 


Genre: Sports Drama / Sci-Fi

Category: Short Film & 1 HR. Episodic



*A faith-based 'Friday Night Lights' meets 'Blair Witch Project'


LOGLINE: A small town’s high school champion football team is crippled by demonic forces attempting to steal the faith and hope of the families and players.


SYNOPSIS: Former NFL Heisman Trophy winner and the new high school football coach for the Tempest Tigers is rocked when his team and family are stalked by forces unlike any adversary he’s ever encountered on the field. Coach Nick must follow a higher calling and step into a new position of authority to overcome the Devil’s playbook.













King's Heart was originally a short film (25 minutes) that received distribution with Bridgestone Multimedia Group (BMG).  It is currently available on various streaming services. The short was loosely based on a true story.  We decided to expand on the short to further reveal how in our everyday lives we are constantly under attack spiritually.  Coupled with our love of football, we felt it was a story that would be better served as an episodic.

Stills from the short film shoot