Genre: Sci-Fi Drama

Category: Feature Film


LOGLINE: A crestfallen policeman is swept up in a time-travel assassination plot, where he must choose between unlimited lives or once-in-a-lifetime love.


SYNOPSIS: Time-travel is possible, but regulated. Time is mapped like a dandelion bloom, a spherical shape of strands branching out formed by our life choices - tracking alternate realities. The man thought to be the original creator of this revolutionary process has become a target - time purists seek to assassinate him and erase the invention of time travel. The inventor’s entire lifetime of choices and possible realities is an exposure. Stewards are assigned to isolate and safe-off the inventor’s timelines so that they cannot be accessed and interrupted. One man, Jacob, is assigned to protect the inventor across time, amidst a constantly changing backdrop of possible futures and pasts. Jacob unwittingly falls in love with the inventor’s muse only to discover that she is the true inventor. Jacob gets to witness her epiphany of brilliance during a romantic interlude on a grassy knoll surrounded by dandelions. Jacob must ultimately choose between stopping the assassins and saving time-travel, or following his heart at the sacrifice of second chances.



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