It is FFE's primary goal to develop and produce projects that resonate and impact people's lives with a message of hope and truth, bringing thought provoking material to the page and screen for more than just entertainment with excellence, honesty and integrity, as if weaving gold into fine linen. (Exo 39:3)


MARIA O'BRYAN - Maria began her career as an actress, performing throughout television, film & the NYC theater scene. Maria transitioned into the role of Director with a number of Off-Off Broadway plays, including Screwtape Letters at The Mint Theater,  where she met her husband, Kevin. Maria is known as an "actor's director", able to develop and draw out the actor's finest and most authentic performance.  


KEVIN O'BRYAN also began his career as an actor performing on numerous television shows and NYC stage productions, which in turn led to Directing, Producing and Screenwriting. 

Kevin's other areas of expertise come from an extensive background as an Executive Project Manager overseeing  projects in the scale of $500MM. He also carries with him degrees in Architecture and Environmental Design, with a focus on Set Design and Screenwriting.


MARIA & KEVIN  are what you get when the Mid-West collides with the East Coast. Kevin’s love for plot structure is equivalent to green beans in casserole, mirroring Maria’s love for character development as what meatballs are to "gravy". A multi Award winning husband & wife duo, Maria & Kevin have a vast slate of transformational content covering all genres, which they're ready to bring to the table. Together, they continue to develop unique and meaningful content bringing a message of hope and truth to the masses.